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Web Sites for Gyms and Personal Trainers

Having a quality website as a gym or personal trainer is a must! It’s just as important as having a fantastic social media presence (Which we discussed in a previous blog!)

Three things that your website should do:

1. Inspire the visitor!

2. Encouraging impulse buys and appointments.

3. Increase revenue by Adding ecommerce capabilities, gym memberships, renewals, apparel, supplements, etc.

Inspiring the visitor.

One of the best ways to inspire visitors of your site is to post videos. Videos tell the story! Types of videos that will motivate people to come to your gym:

 A walk through of the gym.

 Videos showing your gyms equipment and how it works.

 Personal training sessions.

 Boot camps, classes, etc.

 After work out videos and testimonials.

 Success stories and before and after photos.

How to encourage impulse buys and appointments on your website:

 Include a contact form on every page of your site, because you never know which page a potential client will land on!

 Include an appointment request form that offers people something free, such as a free consultation, training session, day pass, etc. The purpose of this is to get them in and walking through your door.

 Driving sales through FOMO– Fear of Missing Out! Offer specials that expire after a certain time or perhaps a class that only happens at a special time during the month.

 Create an experience and community at your gym or through your training

Pro Tip: There has to be value in your site! Post workout tips/instructions and recipes, it demonstrates that you are an expert in your industry. People want to know they are working with someone who knows what they are doing.

You should also offer free resources on your site!

For example, you can give away a free recipe book for a lean muscle diet. Not only are you giving people an excellent resource, you can invite them to train with you or to visit your gym to follow the workouts they need to pair with your lean muscle recipe book. This drives traffic to your site and also brings you referrals.

The basics on your site:

 Include your location, with pictures and a video walkthrough.

 Include your contact info and make sure it easy to find.

 Include special class schedules, and allow people to reserve a slot.

 Include links to your social media pages.

Pro Tip: Focus on inspiring people!

Remember: One of the biggest problems for gyms is turn over. To get people to keep coming, your customers need to feel inspired. They need to feel like they have a teammate along the way.

Pro Tip: Put an accountability form on your site, where people can check in with you on a regular basis.


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