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Testimonial Tuesday: Elgin Walker

Realtor Elgin Walker is one of the Branning Group’s greatest success stories!


Elgin is a powerhouse real estate agent and he does a LOT on Facebook.


What the Branning Group does for Elgin’s Facebook page:

  • We post up to seven days a week.
  • We create informational type postings.
  • We have increased his reach to 42,000 views in the last month alone.!


Elgin is an extremely cutting edge real estate agent, and is always thinking of new ways he can reach his client base and offer them value. One of the ways he did this was by using our giveaway funnel system to a local restaurant.


Elgin’s Restaurant Gift Certificate Funnel

  • We collected the names and contact details of all of the entries, which Elgin was able to add to his email/contact list.
  • Elgin offered these people the opportunity to attend a free home selling seminar, upon entering the giveaway.
  • If they opted to attend the seminar, Elgin actually personally called each of them on the phone and spoke to them one-on-one!


Elgin is an expert in his industry, and his audience knows this. He frequently sets appointments with new clients specifically through Facebook, which has opened up the door for Elgin to do business with several of his clients directly through his social media. You too can have the same success, call us today to get started!




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