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Testimonial Tuesday: Courtney McFarlane

Courtney McFarlane is one of the of the Branning Groups success stories!

When Courtney came to us:

  • She was just getting started with her social media.
  • She was only having 2-3 people see her posts every month!
  • She now however has over 2,000 people seeing her posts every month!

What Courtney wanted from her Facebook page:

  • Courtney is a very fun person and she wanted her Facebook page to reflect that. She did not want to come off as stuffy or boring in her Facebook postings
  • She did not want her page to be heavy on information, but rather, more engaging and friendly.
  • She wanted to connect with her audience with fun and lighthearted posts.
  • She posts a lot about some of her favorite t-shows and also her favorite microbreweries in town.

Why Courtney’s Facebook page has experienced such tremendous success:

  • Our use of custom graphics and custom hashtags!
  • We post consistently for Courtney!
  • We worked one-on-one with Courtney to create a specifically tailored social media marketing strategy for her.

Pro Tip: You are fighting for visual attention on Facebook! Our use of custom hashtags and custom graphics, like the one’s we created specifically for Courtney, helped bring her Facebook page the success it has had!

If you are a Realtor that would like to see the same social media success that Courtney McFarlane has seen, contact the Branning Group today!




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