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Testimonial- Bob Munden Insurance

The Branning Group has breathed new life into the marketing plans of several Antelope Valley based businesses. One client we particularly brought a huge amount of success to is Lancaster Insurance.

We helped Lancaster Insurance in three huge ways:

1. We updated and streamlined their website!

2. We built them a one-of- a-kind high impact app!

3. We introduced them to our Giveaway Funnels!

Lancaster Insurance’s Website

Unfortunately, their original website left much to be desired. It had not been updated in a number of years, it was hard to navigate, and it did not look very dynamic or appealing. But we changed all of that!

 We completely redid the entire site.

 We added beautiful visuals and moving parts.

 We added a dynamite welcoming video to the front page.

 We included contact and request forms, which are leading to an influx in new leads.

 Their website is now generating real revenue for them!

Lancaster Insurance’s New App

Their new app has been a total game changer! Not only has it set Lancaster Insurance apart, because they are the ONLY insurance company with their own app in their area, it has made life so much easier for their customers!

Some of the app’s awesome features include:

 Claim numbers easily accessible.

 A referral program that makes it easy for customers to share.

 A quick call button.

 A quick form that can send them a message right through the app!

Lancaster Insurance’s Giveaway Funnels

Their new giveaway’s have completely blown up, and as we like to say, have gone “mini viral”!

For the last 6 months they have given away a gift certificate to Antelope Valley Mall, and each month it attracts more and more people. In fact they have averaged at least 400 new leads

EVERY single month during these giveaways, which they in turn have been able to add to their contact list!

Not only that, but these contests have created a culture of their own on their Facebook page.

People are now anticipating their giveaways because they are so much fun! This has led to even more referrals and traffic to their website and social media pages!

Are you an insurance agent that has been struggling with your marketing? The Branning Group can duplicate the same success we have with Lancaster Insurance for your business!


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