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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

You may have a great website and contact list, but if you are a realtor who is neglecting their (or has no) social media presence, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach potential clients. Realtors who utilize social media are able to create an image of credibility and cultivate trust between their clients, develop a strong network of contacts and referrals, cut on marketing costs, it is also a way for Realtors to engage with their audience one-on-one and show their personality, which at the end of the day matters most!

Your first priority is to be in the conversation.

You need to think about who your target audience is and whom your posts are going towards?

As a realtor your target demographic on Facebook is…

  • People who are ready to invest in a home.
  • First time buyers/sellers.
  • People likely to move. (Facebook ads offer behavioral categories for people that are “Likely to move.”)
  • Facebook users between the ages of 28-50.
  • NOT likely to be teenagers.
  • NOT likely to be people over the age of 65. (These ages rarely use social media.)


Planning out your social media calendar for SUCCESS.

How often should you post on your social media?

The Branning Group recommends 3-5 days a week.

You do not want to bombard your audience with too much info, but you do not want to post too little as well.


Follow the 20/50/30 Rule!

  • 20% Personal Posts! Create posts that are simply promoting you. This helps create a sense of trust and gives people a reason to buy a home from you.
  • 50% Fun Posts! Create fun posts that people will enjoy sharing or engaging with. Such as “National Doughnut Day” or a funny meme. Social media is about being SOCIAL.
  • 30% Expert Posts! Create posts that demonstrate that YOU are an expert in your industry. Consider posting articles related to the real estate industry, moving and packing tips, real estate terms your client should know, etc. These types of posts make your audience feel like you are not just posting because you want a sale, but because you want to create community.

Remember: The more you give to your audience the more you will get in return!

Pro Tip: Use local news! Re-post and talk about things that matter to your audience. For example, for our engineer client, we posted about local news in the aerospace industry, as well as things happening in Washington.

It’s essential that you show your clients 3 things through your social media:

  1. That you are an expert in real estate.
  2. That you are invested in their community.
  3. That you are there to help them.


Remember: You cannot look like you are just there to sell people; you need to show you are there to help.

One thing you should post on your page right now!

Now that we have empowered you with the necessary knowledge to make the most of your social media, here is one quick thing you can post right now to start getting engagement: Post an entertaining video or Flip-Gram of one of your listings. Do not just post any picture, post something that is interactive and fun for people to see and make them think this cutting edge.



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