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Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent there are six things you need to do through your social media to have success, follow the tips listed through this blog or contact the Branning Group for a specifically tailored social media marketing strategy.

1. The FIRST thing you need to do is plan your social media calendar for SUCCESS. It is imperative that you first plan out how often you are going to post on your social media and you must also make sure to post consistently. The more often you post, the more you will engage potential customers.

Remember: The key is to not bombard your audience with too much information, but not post too little as well.

2. The Branning Group recommends following the 20/50/30 Rule!

 20% Personal Posts! Create posts that are simply promoting you. The goal is to show your personality.

 50% Fun Posts! Create fun posts that people will enjoy sharing or engaging with. Such as recipes, motivational memes, etc. Social media is about being SOCIAL.

 30% Expert Posts! Create posts that demonstrate that YOU are an expert in your industry. Post content such as articles related to insurance. These types of posts make your audience feel like you are not just posting because you want to make money, but because you want to create community.

3. Determine who your target audience is. Just like any small business, insurance agents must establish who their target demographic is before venturing forth with your social media marketing. Knowing who your customers are will allow you to target them better through Facebook and your other social media platforms.

4. Focus on selling yourself.

Unfortunately insurance is not exactly a hot ticket purchase or a priority on most people’s minds. Insurance is generally something people do not like to think about, and can seem a bit boring. So instead of focusing your energy on selling your insurance, focus on selling yourself! Show people why they should talk to you and work with you.

You’re your personality and make your social media fun and engaging!

5. Brand yourself.

Let’s reiterate point number four, you need to focus on selling yourself! One of the ways you can do so is to make yourself stand out from the other agents in your area by branding yourself. The two best ways you can brand yourself through Facebook are:

Custom Graphics: Using the same custom graphics which are creative and engaging will help you stand out from your competitors and your audience will start to recognize and familiarize themselves with your brand.

Custom Hashtags: Using custom hashtags is another great thing to do on social media. Using a custom hashtag with a unique slogan or your name will engage people and carry itself throughout the other social media platforms.

Remember: You are competing visually on Facebook!

Pro Tip: Facebook ads are also a fantastic way to brand yourself, and it also helps stretch your advertising budget.

6. Educate your audience.

The final thing you should do through your social media is educate your audience. Tell people what is going on and what is happening insurance. Sharing insider information and knowledge makes people know they can trust you, which will lead to more new customers at the end of the day!


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