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Social Media Marketing for Gyms

With the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. At the start of every new year people are eager and motivated to shed some of the holiday pounds they have packed on and start a new chapter in their life focused on personal fitness. As a personal trainer or gym owner you are going to want to reach as many of these people as you can before they become discouraged and lost sight on their goals. One of the ways you can do so is by having a stellar social media marketing plan, specifically through Facebook.

Three things you MUST accomplish through your social media:

1. You need to get people excited about working out.

2. You must show your workout or training programs work.

3. You need to use referrals to grow your business.

Planning out your social media calendar for SUCCESS.

How often should you post on your social media?

As a personal trainer or gym owner you should be posting often, you can even choose to post up to 5-7 times a week.

Remember: The key is to not bombard your audience with too much information, but not post too little as well.

The Branning Group recommends following the 20/50/30 Rule!

 20% Personal Posts! Create posts that are simply promoting you. Where your gym is located, your own personal workout routines, who you are, etc. The goal is to show your personality.

 50% Fun Posts! Create fun posts that people will enjoy sharing or engaging with. Such as recipes, motivational memes, etc. Social media is about being SOCIAL.

 30% Expert Posts! Create posts that demonstrate that YOU are an expert in your industry. Post content such as articles related to fitness and nutrition, work out tips, and other topics that will help empower people to get in better shape. These types of posts make your audience feel like you are not just posting because you want new clients or memberships, but because you want to create community.

Focus on videos.

Post videos showing your audience that you are living the lifestyles that others want to live. Cooking, hiking, swimming, lifting weights, competing in marathons, etc. People need to envision doing what you are doing and looking like you!

Establish your target audience.

What type of gym do you have?

Do you cater to busy career oriented people by offering classes at night or early morning? Are you a Crossfit gym? Do you have an emphasis on body building and weight lifting?

There are different areas of physical fitness, so focus on targeting the type of people who would be interested in going to your gym or using you as a trainer.

Pro Tip: Show your variety by posting tips, pictures, articles, and videos of different types of workouts.

Tips and strategies you can use to empower your social media right now:

1. Facebook Events: Classes are a big deal for trainers and gyms, so post them as events on Facebook!

2. Facebook Group: Create a Facebook group for your clients and gym members. It creates a feeling of community and allows for accountability. It also shows the “behind the scenes” of what you are doing. It builds your tribe and differentiates you from other gyms and trainers.

3. Create a referral network for yourself through your Facebook. Reward the people that are already working with you. Make this year the best for your gym or personal training business!


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