SendOutCards can make your business skyrocket!

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SendOutCards can make your business skyrocket!

Think for a moment about when the last time you opened your mailbox and found among the junk mail and bills an actual letter or card that was hand written and sent to you by someone who took the time to do so. It has probably been awhile right? After all, who sends “snail mail” anymore? Not very many people! But, think again about that last moment you got a thoughtful card from an old friend or a family member, and the smile it brought to your face and the warmth that touched your heart. The seemingly small gesture of sending a card could have a tremendous impact on someone; this is especially true if you are a business or professional dealing with clients.

According to Barb Sibbing, “90% of business owners are missing the BIGGEST opportunities available to them. The easiest and least expensive customers are referrals and repeat business.” One of the easiest ways to get repeat and referral customers is to make your customers feel appreciated. One of the easiest, and least expensive ways to do so is by sending a card to past and recent customers or clients, this could be anything from “Thank you for your business”, “Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on the telephone”, of even a “Happy Birthday Card”! This seemingly small gesture and attention to detail may turn your customer’s bad day into a good one, make them feel honored and appreciated, or perhaps put a smile on their face. Whatever the case, this action of going above and beyond will not be forgotten!

SendOutCards are also a great way to show appreciation to your employees. If you have a business with employees one of the best ways to show appreciation to them and to encourage excellence and job performance is to send out cards thanking them for their hard work. Perhaps you have an ill employee or an employee on maternity leave, sending a get-well card or the like is an excellent way to keep a positive atmosphere. This is one of the most effective ways to hold on to your best employee’s, and as Sibbing writes “not feeling appreciated is one of the top reasons given by valued employees who quit their jobs”.

In a world full of instant gratification, text messaging, Skype, and apps such as snapchat, it may seem as though communication is expanding globally, but, we are becoming more and more impersonal and out of touch with one another. Becoming out of touch with your client is a guaranteed way to lose business.

SendOutCards is a service that allows you to make a custom card right from your app; and then they will print the card, stuff the envelope, stamp the envelope, deliver it to the post office and track it for you!

Contact The Branning Group today and learn strategies to make your business both personal and thriving again. We will teach you the optimum way of sending out real cards to clients and getting return business. Forget making cold calls, instead call us at 661.946.0888 or email us at, and become a send out card pro! We have the tools and strategies you need to help transform your business right before your eyes. We look forward to hearing from you!

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