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The Branning Group helps insurance agents just like you generate leads for a variety of products. We have put together a free "batch" of funnels for you that you can import into your ClickFunnels account - absolutely free!

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We get credit from ClickFunnels if you start a new account with our link, and we are hoping that once you see how well our funnels work to generate leads you'll consider hiring us for future work. 

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"Giveaway Funnels" as a Lead Generation Tool for Insurance Agents
When it comes to ethical bribery, Giveaway funnels are ruling the internet “advertisement” space; while they aren’t themselves selling anything, they funnel a large crowd of people towards something they want them to see.  
How does it work? 
Well, it’s pretty simple.

A user will visit the website in order to win some kind of prize in a giveaway. They enter their name, email address and phone number. The giveaway funnel will save this information for use in a later promotion.
Afterwards, they’ll get right to the point. They’ll ask you a qualifying question which are basically multiple choice questions which help them self-qualify whether they are a lead for you. For example you may ask to review a policy, and they can select an answer from the multiple choices.
After completion, they will be incentivized to share this page with their friends and family in order to get a few more entries to win the giveaway; this way, you can get a lot more contestants entering the giveaway easily and without any additional advertising cost. 
This sharing process is great, as you can get insights to which kind of customer was attracted to the post. This opens a lot more opportunities for you and creates more leads! 

How do people find the funnel? 
Our most effective way to market a giveaway funnel is through Facebook ads. We can really hone in on a target demographic on Facebook. We can limit the paid reach of your contest to prospects that fit your profile, we can restrict the reach by gender, relationship, age and location. 
You should put up an exciting and expensive prize - if your prize is lame then your contest will flop.

What are great examples of effective giveaway funnels? And do they really work?
One of our customers has started a giveaway funnel where he gives away gift cards to a mall. This giveaway funnel went viral and is bringing him hundreds of contacts each month. While it isn’t certain that they will buy insurance from him, he now has hundreds of leads in his database that he can market to for life! 
Additional Benefits of a giveaway funnel
Many companies set up these giveaway funnels in order to get more subscribers, followers, likes etc. and these contests work well for that too. 

How can I get started? 
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