Funnel Fridays: Using a Giveaway Funnel for a Restaurant!

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Funnel Fridays: Using a Giveaway Funnel for a Restaurant!

What is a funnel?

A funnel is a mini website that leads a buyer from going to your site, immediately engaging with your business, and walking them through the buying process.


Funnels for Restaurants

“You are one funnel away from changing your business for the better. ”
-Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels

The Branning Group loves Giveaway Funnels! In fact, in the last year we have run approximately 100 funnels!


Here’s how a Giveaway Funnel works: we set up a prize for people to win. The perfect prize for a restaurant’s giveaway funnel: Gift Certificates! Gift Certificates to your restaurant is perfect bait!

We use Facebook Ads to bring in our target clients to this giveaway. They enter their name, email and phone number on the first page.

On the second page you offer them a gift certificate, by doing so you are turning Facebook into a revenue generating machine! We recommend selling a gift certificate at a discount, for example a $30.00 gift certificate for $25.00.

On the last page we thank them for entry, and we encourage them to share the contest for an additional entry. We typically get 10 to 15% of the entrants into our contest sharing the contest – that is free traffic!

If the Branning Group ran your giveaway funnel for you, at the end of the contest we will send you a spreadsheet with everybody who has entered so that you can enter everybody else who entered into your email drip system.


Pro Tip: Make sure the gift certificate is large enough for a family of four to eat at your restaurant!


What to include on your funnel pages.

1st Page: Have your customers enter their name, email, and phone number.

2nd Page: Offer them the chance to buy a gift certificate on the spot. If you offer a $30 Gift Certificate for the price of $25, you are creating immediate value for them, while making money online, and eventually bringing a customer into your restaurant!

Final Page: Offer them another entry by sharing the Facebook page!


The Branning Group has found that 15%-20% of traffic from funnels is due to shared posts!


Recap: When your restaurant uses funnels, you are creating a revenue stream through Facebook, you are bringing in customers to your restaurant, and your audience is promoting your restaurant to the public and their friends, that is a win win win for you!




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