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Funnel Friday for Gyms and Personal Trainers

“You are one funnel away from changing your business for the better.”

-Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels

Giveaway Funnels are great resource for Personal Trainers and Gym Owners!

Remember: A gym is a lifestyle!

What is a Giveaway Funnel?

A Funnel is a mini website that leads a client or visitor down the road to where you want them to goby offering some sort of prize or incentive as an ethical bribe!

How does it Work?

 Customers visit the site for a chance to win by entering their name, email, and phone number. (You can keep those contacts as future leads!)

 On the following pagewe ask them a qualifying question, to find out whether or not they are a good lead for you.

 On the last page we encourage them to share the contest with their friends and family so that they can get a bonus entry into the contest, this exposes you to a whole knew audience based on the person who was attracted to your giveaway!

 We market your giveaway funnel usingFacebook ads so that we ensure the first line of people who see your funnel are the people you want to talk to! (Married people in your town, people over age of 50, people who are employed, etc.)

Pro Tip: A successful funnel has a high value prize!

We Recommend: The Branning Group recommends that you do not ask too many questions in your Funnel. The more questions you ask the more likely they will not enter the Funnel contest because they will think it is too time consuming, complicated, or even assume it is just a scam!

Remember: You need to offer participants a free prize/incentive of some kind. As a Gym there are several resources you can give away to potential clients:

 Memberships

 Free Classes

 Supplements

 Gym Apparel

 Personal Training Sessions

Pro Tip: The qualifying question is one of the most important parts of a Giveaway Funnel. Make sure to make it a simple “yes or no” question, as in “Do you want to get in better shape?”

Remember: The goal at the end of the day is to use this prize to get goodwill in the community, build your name, get people on your list, and create a culture around your Facebook page and website. You want to get people to start looking forward to your giveaways each month.


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