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Debt Collection with LegalShield

Dear Business Owner,

Are you the owner of a small business that’s in need of debt collection services, but are on the fence about signing up with LegalShield? Did you know that when your small business signs up with LegalShield, they are not just signing up to have an attorney on their side, they are signing up for someone to be in their corner and act as their voice? When you are in need of debt collection, Legalshield can draft collection letters on your business’ behalf, and will assist your business in the actual collection of debts!

LegalShield can assist you in:

  • Creating a uniform payment policy and include it within your company’s contracts and work orders.
  • Keeping a detailed record of customer accounts.
  • Monitoring your records for late payments and help you designate an employee to track late/delinquent accounts.
  • Knowing the proper procedures and etiquette of debt collection, such as taking immediate action, remaining professional and friendly with delinquent customers, and documenting your collection effort.

Whenever you are in doubt or need some assistance pick up the phone and call your LegalShield provider, and they will offer you the assistance, advice, and knowledge you need in a timely and professional matter.

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