Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Network Marketing Business Owners

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Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Network Marketing Business Owners

Welcome to the Branning Group’s blog series on Network Marketing! Through this blog we will detail a comprehensive marketing plan for anyone who owns their own network marketing business, such as Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Beach Body, LegalShield, etc.


  1. How to get started!
  • Figure out who your target audience is.
  • Find the things that relate to your audience.
  • Give your audience value.
  • Show your audience you are a person. Make them laugh, inspire them, let them connect with you, etc.


  1. Personal Facebook Page or Business Facebook Page?

It simply comes down to your preference, the following you have, and what you have going on your page already. If you already have a large following on your personal Facebook page, and are just starting out with your business, it might be a good idea to utilize the network you already have.


  1. Custom Hashtags
  • What is the big deal about Hashtags?

It is a catalog system for social media sites to easily find your postings. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Etc.

  • When you put a Hashtag (#) in front of a word, it creates a way for the system to find it quickly. (#NailArt, #Cleanse, #Detox, #Health, #Eyeliner, etc.) When people search for that specific hashtag, it will come up in those search results.
  • If someone searches for a hashtag that you use and find your page, they may also see other hashtags that you use and begin searching for your hashtags more!


  1. Make yourself a schedule in order to stay consistent!

Whether you decide to post every single day, 5 days a week, or only 3 times a week – you need to keep it consistent in order to get your audience expecting your posts. Keep in mind that your posts do not have to be completely business related each time. You can mix it up, perhaps post a joke once a day, or an inspirational quote related to your field.


Remember: Life happens and our schedules can get interrupted, so use the resources available to you to pre-schedule your posts (Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.), and you will not have to worry about it! Those programs will post for you!


Pro Tip: One of the best ways to grow your online networking business is through Events and parties! Consider creating a countdown a month prior to your event to generate interest as it approaches!


It is all about building community around the product.


  1. Through social media you have the ability to control the conversation.

You goal should be to position yourself as an authority or expert in you industry or field.


Pro Tip: Use templates to quickly answer questions from potential clients to save time!


Remember: Be fun and give back to the community!


Giveaway Funnels are a great way to give back to the community.


What is a Giveaway Funnel?


A funnel is a mini website that leads a looker to become a buyer from going to your site, immediately engaging with your business, and walking them through the buying process.


“You are one funnel away from changing your business for the better.”

-Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels


Pro Tip: Using testimonials and success stories is one of the number one things that works!


Remember: Nothing speaks louder than someone’s testimony. People listen and pay attention to success stories. “If that worked for them that can work for me!”


Testimonials appeal to people’s emotions!


It is no longer a product with a package and a logo… it becomes a person.


Pro Tip: Try creating conversation around the product, without exactly mentioning it. Ex., If you are an Arbonne consultant, you may choose to talk about drinking water as a detox, instead of specifically Arbonne. You do not want to force the product into the conversation.




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