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How Churches Can Use Funnels

Two of the most common questions we receive from churches and community organizations are, first, how can we raise money more effectively, and second, how can we increase donations?

Are you ready for our simple solution? Using Funnels can help you meet both of those needs!

What is a Funnel?

Simply speaking, a Funnel is a mini website that leads people down the road to where you want them to go!

How do Funnels work?

People visit the Funnel webpage and enter their name, email, and phone number for a chance to win some sort of prize. On the following page they are offered an opportunity for another entry into the contest if they share the giveaway with their friends or family.

Event Funnel

For example, if your church was holding an event for a Thanksgiving Dinner, you might choose to create a Funnel to receive donations towards the event.

  • First Page: On the first page of this particular Funnel, you would allow guests of your upcoming dinner to register and pay ahead of time.
  • Second Page: On the next page you would ask the person for a donation. For example, explain to them that to feed a family of 4 at this event it costs $25, and give them the option to feed 1, 2, or 3 families. Set it up where these people can donate right there on the spot.
    • Note: This is a great way to get people already attending your event to help sponsor it!


Giveaway Funnel

Giveaway Funnel’s are a great way for churches to reach out to the community and for churches and businesses to work together!

  • Step One: Have your church partner with a local business that wants to help give back to the community or that wants to get their name out in your city more, such as a local coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Step Two: Ask this business to donate a $50 or $100 gift certificate to your funnel.
    • Note: This gift will be tax deductible for the business!
  • Step Three: Include some text, such as “For a chance to win this gift certificate, please enter your name, email, and phone number!”
    • Note: Once you have this information you now have the option to update these people on events happening at your church in the future by adding them to your email list!
  • Step Four: At the end of this contest pick a winner and they get the prize!
  • Note: If your church consistently holds giveaways, your audience will begin to expect them which will add more value and excitement to your church’s Facebook page as well as encourage more people to follow it!

Pro Tip: Funnels can also serve as an excellent way to raise money or increase donations for your church or organization! You can also set it up where people can chose to make recurring donations and avoid the hassle of thinking about it in the future!


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