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Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Generating Customers, Showcasing Food and Handling Negative Reviews

The following are three common questions we receive from restaurants. How can I get more people in the door? Co-Branding with other businesses. Where is your restaurant located and what is surrounding you? For example, is your establishment near a movie theater, nail salon, etc.? Is it a lone restaurant in the middle of nowhere, […]


CASE STUDY: Giannini Bistro and Grill in Lancaster, CA

The Branning Group recently helped restructure and revitalize the social media marketing strategy of Giannini Bistro and Grill in Lancaster, CA. The restaurant was known for having delicious food, a friendly staff, as well as fun and unique events. These elements should have led to a large customer base, but it didn’t as the restaurant […]


Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

A successful online presence and social media marketing strategy is the lifeblood of any popular restaurant today. Through social media, such as Facebook, your restaurant can work to establish and engage your customer base while setting yourself apart from other restaurants in your area that you are competing with. When the Branning Group begins a […]


Five contests you can do on Facebook to get more “Likes”

Five contests you can do on Facebook to get more “Likes” When you first started using Facebook to get more prospects and leads, did you imaging social media being as helpful of a tool as it is? Many smaller businesses rely on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to grab people’s attention and bring in […]


Four creative ways to attract buyers

Four creative ways to attract buyers Pinterest:  Here are six ways for you to increase your business by activities on Pinterest, including engagement tips, ideas for content to pin and how to increase referrals by adding some words to your caption! One:  Engage your friends, and their friends, on Pinterest. Use Pinterest to make friends! […]