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Thorough Case Study for Insurance Agents

A thorough marketing plan is imperative for the success of any Insurance Agent. Through this blog we will discuss three essential topics that will bring you new and lasting clients. 1. Lead Generation 2. Getting Referrals 3. Building Leads Lead Generation It all begins with you being able to talk to people. Social media is […]


Apps For Gyms and Personal Trainers

Are you a gym owner or personal trainer that wants to reach a larger client base? Besides having an excellent social media presence and website, having your own personal app can bring you a tremendous amount of success and the Branning Group can help! Three reasons investing in a personal app is the right move […]


Tips for Maximizing Your Church’s Influence and Reach in the Community

One of the best ways to increase the scope of your church’s ministry as well as its voice in your community is to have a stellar marketing plan! All of your church’s social media marketing messages must be harmonious. Whether it is on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, your church’s website, your church’s app, or anywhere else, […]


How the Branning Group Has Helped Greater Works Christian Center and Palmdale Community Church

Whether your church has thousands of members with a state-of-the-art building and sanctuary, or if your church only has a handful of members and meets in a home or coffee shop, you want to have an impact on your community and offer resources to your members and visitors. The Branning Group understands how important it […]



Imagine meeting a prospect, and handing him a brochure. Your prospect puts your brochure in his pocket and promises you he will read it later. Later on that night, instead of throwing away your brochure the prospect sets it on his nightstand so that it doesn’t get damaged. In the morning he takes your brochure […]