The Branning Group is one of the most active mobile application developers in the world, having developed hundreds of successful apps per year. A personalized application is the most powerful referral tool available today. When you buy an app from us, you are not just getting an app. We also equip you with hundreds of dollars’ worth of marketing materials so that you can put it to use.

Imagine meeting a prospect, and handing him a brochure. Your prospect puts your brochure in his pocket and promises you he will read it later. Later on that night, instead of throwing away your brochure the prospect sets it on his nightstand so that it doesn’t get damaged. In the morning he takes your brochure with him to work, and reads it on his lunch break. He’s not interested immediately, but he puts the brochure back in his briefcase and takes it home with him that evening. He keeps his brochure with him – in his briefcase, on his nightstand, or in his car – every day for six months.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s not…if your brochure is in the form of an app!

Did you know that when your prospects download the custom app built for your business that it stays on their phone for an average of six months? If the prospect does not delete your app within the first 24 hours, then your app remains on their phone months after they meet you. That means that your digital brochure travels with your prospect to work, it is kept by their bedside every night, and it’s even shown to the prospects’ friends on occasion.


The app built for your business is modeled after the branding of your business. We have spent hundreds of hours working on creating designs that are easy to use, eye-catching and driven to push your users to making micro commitments toward your business.


Personalized applications are one of the most powerful promotional tools available today! How many of your clients are actively referring you? How many of them know your phone number? How many of them even remember your name? We have a solution to generate word of mouth referrals that, until recently, was only available to big companies with deep pockets.


Your app will be named after you, or your company, and the icon of the application will be your face or logo. Your customers will see your face every single day! We make sure that all misspellings of your name lead to your app, and that you show up first on any searches.

Your app will be available for free download in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store

Sample Apps

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