Four creative ways to attract buyers

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Four creative ways to attract buyers

Four creative ways to attract buyers

Pinterest:  Here are six ways for you to increase your business by activities on Pinterest, including engagement tips, ideas for content to pin and how to increase referrals by adding some words to your caption!

One:  Engage your friends, and their friends, on Pinterest. Use Pinterest to make friends! We recommend commenting on your friends’ pins so that they establish a relationship with you: if you just re-pin, that’s too passive to generate real connections. When you make a comment, end it with a hashtag that’s pertinent to you (ex: #yourcustomapp) and don’t be afraid to ask for them to call you in a comment.


Two:   Make a pin for each house that you list (if you sell real estate), hairstyle that’s up-and-coming (if you’re a hairstylist), a unique destination (if you’re a travel agent) – etc. It’s creative, unique, and your friends will see it on their Home Screen when they login. If they didn’t already know what industry you were in – they do now!


Three:  Re-pin topics that are relevant to buyers and sellers. You can use Pinterest to build your brand, establish credibility and build relationships by starting conversations that are relevant to people looking for help in your industry.


Four: Make a Contest Board! A great way to drive traffic to your blog is to post engaging, interactive content on it. Run contests directly on your blog. Then Pin it to your contest specific Board on Pinterest. When you host a contest on your blog, your goal is to drive traffic directly to your website. Promote it on your Pinterest site to garner more participation. Contests are very engaging, and will drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Make a contest PinBoard, and Pin your blog-hosted contests on it.


Five:  Include a “Pin it” Button on your web site – this is a must!


Six:   Include “call to actions” in your captions. You know all the powerful marketing strategies that you are using in other areas of your business? Yeah, they probably work on Pinterest too. Did you know that featuring a “call to action” increases the engagement (repins, comments, likes) of a pin by 80% [Source: Pinerly]? Time to start including “click here,” “comment below” or “repin this” in every caption. You could even include a CTA in the actual image of your pin. Don’t wait and see if your followers can figure out what you want them to do. Just tell them!

1. Facebook  “Caption This” Contests: A Facebook Contest is an easy way to engage Facebook likes and convert them into email signups by enticing them with a prize. There are many different types of Facebook Contests from the most basic “random draw” Facebook Sweepstakes to highly involved contests with specific requirements and point totals. You are looking to build your brand online, so you will want “quick win” contests that keep you on the top of mind.

You can do this easily by starting a weekly “Caption This” contest where you give away a $5.00 Starbucks gift card (as an example, doesn’t have to be that). They’re so easy to do:

Pick a photo online (the sillier the better for most people, but find a photo that fits your audience)

When posting your photo, use a caption like this: “Wow, this picture is hilarious! Let’s do something fun; enter a funny caption as a comment. I will pick a comment below and send you a $5.00 Starbucks gift card. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

Then watch your photo get a lot of engagement…who doesn’t want a free gift?

2. Engage with your friends:  Take every opportunity you can to engage with people when you can exert your knowledge about your industry. It could be something as simple as someone posting about a broken dishwasher (“Hey I know a guy, he was working on a house I sold earlier this year”) to interior decorating advice (“One of my clients did this to the home she bought, and she loved it”). The more active you are, the more activity you’ll get in return. The more activity that surrounds you, the bigger your brand is online. Don’t make it all about you all the time, but do not shy away from letting people know what you represent

3. “Shout out” local businesses and people of influence:  If you want people to know who you are, call out local businesses and other people of power for some spontaneous praise. This “out of the blue” shout out will score you huge points with the business/person you highlighted and all of their friends. This is a win-win-win, due to the fact it also subconsciously lets your friends know that you are a positive person who gets around the community.

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